Decoria’s most recent internal painting and renovation project was a quality house extension project in Northbridge, Perth WA. The new property design and work schedule were managed by ATT Australia PTY. LTD. and Decoria painters were in charge for the entire painting and decorating aspect.

The paint on the old section of the house was in extremely poor condition. There were areas of paint peeling on most walls throughout the house, where the big flakes of coats were lifted. In order to create a proper base for new layers, all flaking paint had to be removed manually by Decoria’s Professional Painters and/or with the use of special chemical paint strippers. In some areas of the house where the surface condition was extensively damaged, the walls had to be fully re-plastered. The owner of the Perth property decided on using high quality paperfaced plasterboard in the brand new section of the property so the internal painting works in those parts were relatively straight forward. At first, the wall moisture level was checked manually with the help of a moisture meter. After sufficient testing we could proceed with painting the Northbridge property. Bare areas were treated with a Dulux oil based sealer binder and Dulux acrylic sealer allowing the surface to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions. Our painters Perth always make sure the adhesion of subsequent coating will be strong and long-lasting. After the preparation stage was completed, all wall surfaces have been checked with LED lights prior to top coats application. When assessing the quality of preparation works and creating the final result the impact of artificial as well as natural light must be taken into consideration. The sun light (especially morning and evening light) can significantly highlight wall and/or ceilings imperfections by elongating even the tiniest shadows across painted surfaces.

Extensive preparation was also given to the woodwork which was looking impeccable after Decoria’s painters finished. Crisp white full gloss oil based enamel from Dulux does the job. Some of the windows and doors have been replaced and all of them painted with four-coats system (two primers and two top coats) all according to the Australian Standards.

Perth Residential Painting Project Materials

Gypsum decorative cornices were primed with an oil based sealer and all gyprock walls and ceilings sealed with acrylic sealer by Dulux. All walls were top coated with Dulux Wash and Wear washable product, where the Dulux improved formula ensures that surfaces can stay looking freshly painted, for longer. The wall paint was tinted to White Exchange Quarter.

After the painting services were completed, the timber floor was installed. Interesting additions such as sophisticated glass balustrade and industrial brick fire place have given an individual form to the inside of this Northbridge property. The entire house turned out very classy and tasteful.

The external walls of the building have been texture coated and top coated with Dulux AcraTex Acrashield. The zinculane gutters were left unpainted to keep the industrial look of the property.